Washi Wonderful Saturday!

Been a little serious around here lately...decided it was time for some Washi fun!

For those who don't know, I'm a huge Washi fan. :)  Washi is available in all kinds of colors and patterns, and it's super-easy to use. Just peel, cut or tear, and stick!

It's also repositionable, which is great for people like me who sometimes need a "take 2". :)

Ammah Grace was cleaning out her room today and offered me this portfolio.  I could definitely use it, but it was a bit drab.  Washi to the rescue

I bought a three-pack of moleskine notebooks on sale last  year for a project.  I had one left and decided to use it as my 1000 Gifts Gratefulness Journal. The cover was plain kraft, so it needed to be spiffed up a bit.  Washi was the perfect simple way to embellish. 

This clip was another sale find last year.  It sits on my desk and holds index cards I need to keep handy. It's original red was cute, but it's even cuter with black and turquoise chevrons. :)

Are you a Washi fan?  I'd love to hear about your projects (or better yet see pictures)  Tell me about them or post a link in the comments!

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