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I posted this on Facebook last night, but decided it was worth posting here as well.  So good.  Here's what I said there...

Just used up half a box of Kleenex watching and listening to this. (I listened to the first half, then got impatient to get to the rest faster and started reading instead. :)) Our circumstances are so very different, and yet so much of what he says...especially about the theological journey...could have been my very own words. 
I had flashbacks to those days of wrestling...the days when the whole idea of God's sovereignty and goodness caused anger, doubt, and confusion...and how God graciously and lovingly brought me to the point where His sovereignty has become the comfort and bedrock Josh McPherson describes. Such a blessing to be reminded again that even though the experiences of the last few months have been hard...and still are hard...and will continue to be hard...the foundation God laid in the lessons of 6 years ago and the years in between has been firm, and the peace and comfort that has brought (when I "remember what [I] know", as Tom Stuart used to say :)) has been indescribable. (And I'm thankful for the people and things God uses every day to remind me of what He has taught me!)

If you have ever gone through suffering, if you are going through suffering now, or if it is possible you may ever go through suffering (in other words, "if you're sucking air", as Guy Penrod says :)), this is so worth a listen or read. (There's a short intro clip you can listen to first.)

Here's the link:

Josh McPherson's Testimony

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