focused on Glory...hope of new life

Short post this week...been watching {from a somewhat safe distance :)} the Brown Thrasher nest in our hedge.  It's hard to see, and even harder to photograph.  And as I mentioned in this post, Thrashers are extremely protective.  Having seen their beaks up fairly closely through my zoom lens, I do NOT want to experience a Thrasher attack, so I am always ready to bolt at the slightest sign of agitation on the part of Mama or Daddy Thrasher.  

I love watching the nest, though.  The nest is buried deep in the hedge for maximum protection.  Mama sits on her eggs in the nest, and Daddy often sits up in the top of the tree above, singing beautifully and watching carefully.  

I love the picture of the hope of new life in the nest.  I love, again, the amazing creativity of God seen in the design of the birds and their ability to carefully craft their nest.  Beautiful!

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t marie said...

Good capturing those shots. So cool.