I Really Wasn't Going To...

...Really wasn't going to go shoot the Supermoon tonight, that is. 

It's been a long week, an even longer weekend, and the alarm will go off early tomorrow.  

And I'm exhausted.

But then I saw a photo on Facebook...

And then I thought, "I'll just run outside and look real quick..."

And then I mentioned it to Billy and he said, "Let's go look," and I grabbed my camera and we both headed out the back door.

And then we discovered that the trees and houses in our neighborhood seriously obstructed our view.

So Billy said, "Want to go take some pictures?"  

So we scooped up the littlest one (the big ones were all too tired for a late-night drive) and headed out. 

And I began to seriously wish I'd read up on photographing the Supermoon.

And I began to even more seriously wish I had a tripod. 

And three times I hopped out of the car and snapped a few.

The results aren't great art by any means, but it was fun, and I got a few I was pretty happy with, considering my limitations. :)

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t marie said...

I'm utterly jealous. I tried to shoot it, but I don't have the proper glass.