I Heart Faces...Pets

This week I Heart Faces is all about pet faces!  Here's the blurb..."This week is all about the animals that we love and adore!  Enter a photo of an animal (doesn’t have to be furry – any type of pet, animal, insect, bird, snake, etc. is fine).  " 

This is Apollonia.  Apollonia is very definitely a pet.  If we go out in the yard without food for her, she runs up to us and follows us around until we go in and get something for her.  She takes food out of our hands.  She is seriously spoiled. :)  I especially love this photo of her from earlier today because you can see her cute little tongue. <3

Be sure to check back later this evening for this week's focused on Glory post! 

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t marie said...

This is such a great shot. I seriously need to meet your undomesticated pets.