30 Days of Gratitude + 1 ~ Happy Birthday, Peter!

Yes, I still have some backlogged 30 Days of Gratitude posts to finish...

Yes, I still have a list of posts I was planning before the 30 Days started...

Yes, there is an exciting announcement coming later tonight...

But first and most importantly...it's time for a birthday post!  

Fourteen years ago today, I became a mother. 


I could post about the 36 hours of back labor with no epidural. 

I could post about my mom not believing Billy when he walked out and said "It's a boy!" (We didn't find out what we were having ahead of time.)  She had to go into the room and see for herself because Billy had joked for months that he was going to go out and announce, "It's a beagle!" {*Rolling eyes*}

I could post all kinds of mushy mom stuff, but he'd rather I didn't. :)  I will say that I am extremely thankful for this boy of mine...and I'm excited about the journey God is taking him on from boy to man.  

He's not fond of the camera these days...occasionally he'll let me take a shot or two, but my "current" photos are rather limited.  I'm hoping for a "birthday photo" shoot this weekend, so hopefully I'll come back and post a few of those soon.

In the meantime, here's a look back over the last 14 years...

I love this of Peter and Bayley...<3

Peter looking very serious as the Penguin Poacher at Emlyn's birthday party a few months ago. :)

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