Pondering a Name Change...and the Gifts...

Between illness, busy schedules/catching up, and computer issues since the first of the year, it's been hard to keep up with blog *posting*, much less updating headers, sidebars, etc.  My blog has needed a complete overhaul...or at the very least some basic maintenance...for a long time.  

Not sure when I'm going to get to the overhaul...:), but I'm trying to do a bit of maintenance here and there.  Yesterday I decided it was time for a new blog header.  I have never been particularly fond of my blog title...it was one of those things where I was in a hurry to get started actually *blogging*, but had a complete mental block as far as a creative title.  "Scraps and Snippets" was really supposed to be a "temporary" title until I could come up with something I liked better.  I've now been blogging almost four years...still under that "temporary" title.  That seems to be the way things work in my life...houses, cars, and apparently, blogs. :)

At various times through my blogging years, I've tried to come up with a new title, but although there have been a few possibilities, nothing has ever really "clicked".   Then along came this week's Sunday School lesson.  As I was preparing the lesson, I kept thinking how I loved the translation of the ESV in 1 Peter 1:1 of "elect exiles".  Such a perfect description...I love the picture it paints of the dichotomy of who we are as Christians.  "Exiles"...people who are in forced absence from their homes...people who don't fit in...strangers without a "place".   But yet..."Elect"...chosen...carefully selected...called..."bought with a price", with the place of all places being prepared for us!  

We were discussing that verse in SS yesterday and pointing out that "Elect Exiles" would make a good name for a musical group. :)  But in the back of my mind, I was thinking, "It might not make a bad name for a blog, either." :)  

So...yesterday when I was playing with a new blog header design, I decided to "try on" a new name for a while, too.  I haven't "officially" changed it in my blog settings/template...just on the header.  I'm going to test the waters with it for a bit and make sure I'm happy with it (and perhaps get some feedback? :)) before I "finalize" it.  So...I'd love to hear any comments you have about the change!

Several weeks (actually, more like a couple of months...eek!) ago, I began participating in Ann Voskamp's "Multitude Monday" (1000 Gifts).  I haven't managed another Multitude Monday post since.  I hope to be more consistent with that this spring...and here's a start...

11--hot water...one of those things I always take for granted, until I spend 24 hours trying to do laundry, dishes, and baths for 6 people without it!  

12--friends who are generous with their time and skills to help with dead hot water heaters and dead trees.  So thankful for our church body that is so good to help meet *all* kinds of needs!

13--a handy husband who tackles (sometimes with help :)) all the "broken things" around here.  

14--friends who sharpen "as iron sharpens iron", and time to share with them and be sharpened.

15--My Sunday School girls!  I love them and am already grieving a bit the upcoming loss of my seniors (but looking forward to my upcoming 7th graders, including one of my own!)

16--Music...always and ever on my list...as God always brings "just the song" for the day or week...and Lyndel's wisdom and sensitivity to the Spirit as He selects the choir music that is often where "the song" is brought to mind...

17--His Word...which is sharper than a two-edged sword...and a pastor who isn't afraid to wade into the deep (and sometimes not-so-pleasant) truths.  Thankful especially for such encouragement and comfort these last few weeks from Romans 8!

18--Thankful for the sufferings...even the deepest ones of the past few years...that God continues to show me are and will always be some of the greatest blessings of my life...although they certainly didn't seem that way for a long, long time...

19--Thankful to be looking forward to vacation next week!!  

20--MOST thankful this week for a daughter who was baptized..."on the right side" of her salvation...yesterday...and for God's convicting and saving grace at work!

For more on Multitude Monday and One Thousand Gifts, please visit Ann...

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