A Wonderfully Pointless Post!

It's not a book review.

It's not for a meme or carnival.

I'm not posting photos. (Although I really, really need to...maybe later today!)

I have no deep, rambling thoughts to share.

There's no video or music.

No funny family story.

Not even a link.

This is just a marvelously, wonderfully, incredibly pointless, meaningless post just because I am celebrating the fact that it is Saturday morning and I have, for the first time in over a week (and probably even months, if I stopped and thought about it), no deadlines to meet!

Billy is at work, for what *might* be his last Saturday before the new weekend person takes over (YAY for the new weekend person. I am praying very hard for her. I want her to love her job and stay forever. :))

My children are all still asleep. I worked the Growing Kids Sale last night and Daddy let them stay up late. For once, I am glad...I'm loving the morning peace. :)

This has been one of the busiest four weeks of our year (Fall Growing Kids Sale Week, Spring Growing Kids Sale Week, and the weeks of the Children's and Adult Christmas musicals at church). This one probably gets top billing because it was also the first week of our homeschool co-op. And somehow I managed to end up with two book reviews due this week. Add in all the normal stuff (which always seems to be plenty on its own....:)), and the holiday, and we have had a crazy-busy week. (Crazy-busy for us...I know lots of people are that busy all the time...but we don't do crazy-busy well around here anymore. :))

BUT...next week is Billy's long-awaited week off. So, as of 3:30 this afternoon (or 4, or 5, or 6, depending on how many emergency patients he's dealing with at the time), we are officially ON VACATION.

We have no plans. Well, no official plans. We'll probably go to the nature center a time or two, and maybe to the park. I would like to go somewhere one day and take some fun, cool family pictures. We *might* paint a bit around the house if we feel like it, but at this point we are all so exhausted that is pretty iffy. Mostly, we are going to SLEEP. If we are up half the night for whatever reason, we can make up for it by sleeping until 7, or 8, or even 9. (Or maybe later!) We can take a nap if we need to. And otherwise, we are just going to enjoy family time.

Well...okay...so we do have a *few* things we have to do. Church Sunday, choirs Wednesday night, and co-op Thursday afternoon. And the ever-present laundry, dishes, and chores. But it's still a pretty empty week. And I'm thrilled.

But back to today.

It is a gloriously empty day.

There are dishes and laundry to catch up on from the busy-ness of the week, but those are such a constant around here they barely go on the to-do list anymore. We are going to go have lunch with Billy at the hospital...shh! That's a surprise for the kids. :) (I'm not sure what it says about my children that their two favorite places to eat in the world are the Sam's Club Cafe and the St. Edward's Cafeteria. Apparently I am not raising a family of gourmets. :))

Other than that, it probably is pretty urgent that we get in at least a quick grocery trip (a long one would be even better, but we'll see about that)...apparently we have been out of milk for a day or two and I've been too busy to notice. Ooops. I also have exactly one inch of rather flat Diet Sam's Choice Cola left...which I *also* didn't notice until this morning...further proof that this has really been a crazy-busy week! ;)

I have to *really* enjoy this week. It's the first time in a LONG time that we have had a real "break", and will probably be the last until at least this time next year. (And I am not even going to let myself THINK about the fact that it is entirely possible that something unexpected will happen and next week will end up being crazy, too.)

Hopefully I'll be back later today. In addition to reading with the kids, replying to emails and messages that I have neglected this week, mailing a card or two, and maybe even doing a bit of scrapbooking, I'm hoping to catch up on my blog a bit. I'd love to actually mark a few things off my "to post" list, and I've been trying for months to make a new blog header. We'll see how that goes. :)

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I'm hearing "waking up" noises so I'm going to go say good morning to some small (and not-so-small) people.

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Kecia said...

As I just wrote on another friend's blog: someday I'll have a lazy weekend again...sigh...