What the World Eats: Word of Warning

Update on last week's review of What the World Eats:

I posted last week that we have been using this book in school as part of our geography/missions work, and have really been enjoying it. A friend messaged me over the weekend and related that she had bought a copy of this book a couple of years ago that had a large photo that was *very* inappropriate for children, causing her to return the book. I have been through our copy from the library page by page 4 times since then, and have not found the photo she referred to. I am assuming that perhaps ours is a later edition or reprint with that photo removed?

Anyway, if you should want to use this book with your children, *please* go through the book carefully to make sure that there is nothing inappropriate included. The edition we have been reading is the 2008 edition of the book actually titled What the World Eats, NOT the book titled Hungry Planet, with the subtitle What the World Eats.

A huge thanks to T. for calling this to my attention, and my very sincere apologies to anyone who may have picked up the book after reading about it here and come across anything inappropriate.

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