The New Schedule: An Update

A while back I posted about our new two week schedule. Last week was the first *official* week of the new schedule, and while it wasn't flawless, it is definitely a success so far. Last week was "Week One" of the two week plan. The only thing that did *not* stay pretty much on schedule was the planning day I was *supposed* to have on Wednesday. The plan is for me to get two weeks of menus planned on the first Wednesday, so that I can compile a master list for our *big shopping trip* on the first Friday. However, yearbook picture/page deadline was Thursday, and I ended up spending Wednesday and Thursday frantically taking yearbook photos of the kids, uploading photos to order prints for our family page, and then making yearbook pages (ours and a couple of others). So...I was up quite late Thursday night making menus and grocery lists.

The good news is that if we stay on this schedule, those episodes should be few and far between in the future. If I had had the "second Wednesday" of the previous week (which is project/computer day) to do the photos and yearbook pages, they would have been *ready and waiting* long before the deadline (a completely new concept for me, as those of you who know me well know! ;-)) So...hopefully those things will iron themselves out over time.

We also weren't sure the weather was going to cooperate with our schedule...we had a beautiful snow (of which I got *no* pictures due to a full memory card...*sigh*) on Thursday evening, and predictions of icy roads for Friday morning. I wasn't sure if we were going to get up and take Billy to work due to the forecast, but at the last minute decided the roads were fine. So...our Friday shopping trip got a bit of a late start, and I still have a bit of errand running to do to finish up.

We had an unexpected treat on Friday during our trip...in return for turning in completed coloring sheets to Long John Silver's, the kids received free kid's meals. This was a welcome "frugal lunch" for our late shopping day.

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