This was *supposed* to be my Menu Plan Monday and Monday Meanderings post...but as you may have noticed, it is now *Tuesday*. Monday didn't go *quite* as planned...got a lot done, but the minutes were pretty packed. So...I'm going to try to very quickly get this week's plans down.

Some of this may look rather familiar. Two weeks ago I posted what I now look back on as "best laid plans", which became completely meaningless as illness began to overtake us that afternoon. We were *down* for over ten days and then began to frantically try to catch up. We're still trying!

Plans for the week:

Bible Study

The kids and I are working on their Teamkid verses...not just memorizing them, but studying them in-depth. I have gotten way off track with my quiet time since everyone has been sick, so my goal is to get back on track with that daily.

Home Blessing

I was down to the last corner of the dining room when we got sick...so I am *determined* to finish that this week. Also clean out and reorganize the lower cabinet in the kitchen where we store Rubbermaid-type storage dishes. It needs serious help!

Procrastination Busters

This list is long this week because we are so behind!
1. Snacks prepped for week.
2. Science fair projects completed.
3. Science fair ribbons ordered.
4. Co-op class planned and prepped.
5. Cards mailed.
6. Art Fair details emailed to group.
7. Newsletter article sent by Wednesday.

Creative Pursuits

Due to trying to catch up this week, I'm not planning on much extra in the way of creative pursuits. We will be working on science projects, which will definitely stretch our creativity a bit ;-), as well as working on another bookmaking project for co-op.

This Saturday, for the first time in *years*, we have a scrapbook day planned at church. I'm looking forward to getting some actual scrapbooking done there. So...one of my projects is to have photos and supplies ready to take Saturday.

Menu Plan Monday

*Saloon Beef Sandwiches, Cheesy Cream Cheese Potatoes, Veggies
*Ravioli/Sauce, Cucumber/Tomato Salad, French Bread
*Chicken and Dumplings, Salad, Green Beans
*Bacon Cheeseburgers, Italian Pasta Salad, Raw Veggies
*Lasagna, Bread, Veggies


*Fruit Salad
*Protein Balls
*Reese's Brownie Bites

To see what others are eating this week, visit Laura at Orgjunkie. For more Monday Meanderings, go to Less of Me, More of Him.

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Between the Trees said...

I love all the little things that you share about! It always inspires me and I just wanted to let you know!