Worth Reading

I have had a running list of links I've wanted to share for a *while*...and of course now that I have actually opened this post...I can't remember what all of them were. *rolling eyes* (I really need smileys!) *Anyway*....these are definitely *worth reading*:

1. "Are We Raising Daniels?" HsKubes' Haven at Home blog is a favorite of mine, and this article is excellent. It was quite convicting to me, and I think I need to read it once a week. Such a great reminder to us as homeschool moms, and as parents, that we need to constantly check our focus and direction. It is so easy to get bogged down in just trying to *get it all done* that we lose sight of the goals toward which we are headed!

2. "31 Days of Praying for Our Children" I was so glad to find this posted on a message board I frequent. What a great list of ways to pray scripturally for our children!

3. "Cheerful Frugality and the Grocery Budget" I've said before, I love Meredith's blog. She makes frugal *pretty*. She makes frugal *fun*. She takes frugal from mere penny pinching, to creative abundance. I love that. "Cheerful frugality" puts a whole new spin on things. So often, it seems that if you've been reading about frugal cooking for long...it all begins to look the same. This one goes beyond the *same old same old*. It really hit me between the eyes. "Don’t replace processed snacks with good intentions. Devote the day after grocery shopping to kitchen prep. Spin raw ingredients into family gold with a new cookie recipe, fresh bread, homemade dip with ice cold crudite." ACK. Has she been in my kitchen?? When I come home so proud that I have done *so* well at sticking to my list and staying within my budget...and there is nothing to *eat*?? Well, there *would* be, except that I haven't gotten around to *cooking* any of it yet. *blush* Okay...I'll stop raving now and just let you read the article. :-D Excellent stuff.

Okay, I know there were more, but my faulty memory strikes again. When (if??) I remember more, I'll come back and post. :)


kel said...

Love the 31 days thanks for posting the link.

HsKubes said...

Thank you for the kind words. ;o)
Thank you, also, for the other links. I look forward to visiting them.

Enjoy your weekend.
~ Christina