Another Busy Monday...

Monday already. How did that happen?? It seems like I was just typing last Monday's MPM and MM post. And here we are again. Here's the plan for this week (subject, as usual, to all manner of modification as life happens...;-))

As part of my on-going Bible study on suffering, I'm going to start working through the book of Job this week. God seems to be hitting me from all directions with things from this book, so I've decided it is time to dig a little deeper in it. I will also continue with "31 Days of Prayer for Your Children".

Must Do
***Finish Fall Clothes Swap Out. Didn't quite get finished with this last week, but this week it appears summer weather is *finally* gone, so maybe we can actually put *away* the summer clothes. I especially need to inventory who has what for this fall/winter.

***Annual Insurance/Benefits Enrollment. This is one of those chores I *dread* every year....but the time has come, and I'm trying to keep reminding myself how thankful I am that Billy *has* good insurance and benefits at the hospital, and do this with a smile! (I'm not promising anything on that smile part, but I'm trying....)

***Continue Holiday Planning. This will be ongoing until Christmas. :-) I'll try to post on my progress so far later this week.

***Bulk Cooking Plan. I posted earlier about plans for our Bulk Cooking Week next week. I need to continue working on those plans and then the kids and I will *shop* on Friday.

***Armor Planning. Still working on this. *Rolling eyes* :-D

Home Blessing
One word here...DECLUTTER!!! I had an experience this weekend that has *really* motivated me (even more than I already was) in this area. I told a friend I was coming home to throw away everything in the house that we weren't eating, wearing, or sleeping on, at that very second. Okay...so I'll keep a *bit* more than that, but I've been *drastically* motivated to take extreme measures. We are on MISSION: SORT AND TOSS this week at the Harris House. I hope our garbage collectors have eaten their Wheaties!

Train Them Up
Continuing to work on gratefulness and sibling relationships. It took me a little longer to prep what I want to do with the kids from the Mally's book (Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends) than I had intended, so I will actually start that with them this week. This is a great book, btw, and I hope to review it for the Fall Reading Challenge soon.

Menu Plan Monday
Because of our Bulk Cooking Week next week, we are working to eat from the pantry/fridge/freezer this week and not buy *any* groceries other than milk, water, and toilet paper. :-D Here's the plan (with a few carryovers from last week that we didn't get to):

*Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich/Pasta Salad
*Chimichangas and Cheesy Rice
*Cheese Tortellini, Salad, Peas, Bread Machine Bread
*Little Cheddar Meatloaves, Rice, Sesame Green Beans and Carrots
*Breakfast for Dinner

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Pam W said...

Those sound like great plans. I know I am always trying to work on those sibling relationships with my kids. Hope you have a great week.

Belinda Letchford said...

I've read before of the 31 days of prayer for your children but presumed it was a book. This morning I clicked on your link and wow - there is something I need to print off and absorb! thanks for linking it.

Bulk cooking - I also went back and read your post on bulk cooking. You raise a good point - we need to do these things (such as bulk cooking) to solve a problem in our home not just because it is a good idea. You got me to thinking there too. I used to do bulk cooking but nowadays we eat so differently that that concept wouldn't work but we too spend too much money on snacks and town lunches. mmmmm.... more thinking for me!!

See my Monday Meanderings

Anonymous said...

Your menu looks yummy! Would you mind passing along the recipes for:

Little Cheddar Meatloaves
Sesame Green Beans

Those particularly sound really good!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!