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KimC at Life In a Shoe is hosting a Vision Forum Giveaway for $150.00 in Vision Forum published products. So I spent a little bit of *unscheduled catalog shopping time* this evening pouring over my new Vision Forum catalog...which handily arrived *just in the nick of time* in today's mail! ;-) My first list....totalled $313.00, and I hadn't even gotten to the dolls or the *boy stuff*!! But I managed to trim it to $149.00. Here are the giveaway rules, followed by my abbreviated wish list. :-)

Rules as posted at Life In a Shoe:

  1. Get your new catalog - if you’re not on the mailing list, get on it now. No time to get it? Download the new 2008 Vision Forum catalog as a PDF here.
  2. Flip through the pages, oohing and aahing over all the wonderful items, new and old. Note which ones are published by Vision Forum - you’ll see a VF logo near the title of the item. Try not to drool on it; you’ll be needing your catalog for the next step.
  3. Now the fun part: Put together your own dream order of $150 or less of VF published items and post it to your blog with a link to Vision Forum and a link to this post.
  4. Leave me a comment so I’ll know you entered. One entry per household, please.
My list:

"League of Grateful Sons" dvd $20
10 Peas in a Pod book 20
The Adventure of Missionary Heroism book 24
Teach Them to Your Children book 17
Thoughts for Young Men book 8
"Rebuilding a Culture of Virtuous Boyhood" cd 10
"Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins" audio series 25
Elsie Dinsmore book 15
"The Role of Children in the Meeting of the Church" cd 10
Total $149

For more details, visit Life in a Shoe and Vision Forum .

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