focused on Glory {in Christmas Music}

Short and sweet this week...I've been listening to this over and over the last few days and just basking in God's glory expressed in amazing music.  This is one of my favorite Christmas hymns {O Holy Night}, arranged by my favorite arranger {Oak Cliff's minister of music, Lyndel Hobbs}, sung by my favorite choir {the Oak Cliff choir}.   I'm usually in the choir singing it {which I love, because Lyndel has written some beautiful alto harmony parts that are just a joy to sing}, but Sunday night during rehearsal I got to sit and listen {and record :)}.  Wow.  It's like a 5 minute, 44 second worship service all by itself!

{Arrangement copyright Lyndel Hobbs, used with permission.)

Doesn't that just whet your appetite for more??!! :)  I am amazed to think that the awesome beauty and creativity of music on this fallen, broken earth is but a shadow of what it will be in Heaven.  The glimpses of God's glory that we see here...as incredible as they seem to us...can't begin to compare to the glory we will see when He has restored all things. (Romans 8:18-25

For those who are within any kind of driving distance of Fort Smith, I encourage you to come experience all of Keyboards at Christmas this weekend.  There are three opportunities...Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday evening...all free!  For more information {times, directions, etc.}, visit the Keyboards at Christmas website. 

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