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A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to spend a little time at a "Birds of Prey" exhibition.  It was unseasonably hot that day, so we didn't stay long, but we did learn some cool things about various birds of prey, and I managed to take a few pictures. :)  

If you've read much at all of this blog, you know that I am a bird-lover.  Birds fascinate me.  (Our kids call Billy and I "Bird Nerds". :))  The more I watch and learn about birds, the more amazed I am at the incredible creativity of our Creator!  So many different varieties, so many different songs, so many shapes, sizes, and patterns.  Not to mention the intricacies of design...both characteristics of birds in general, and differences among types of birds.  The more I observe and learn, the more they point me to God's glory!

This was certainly true at the "Birds of Prey" demonstration.  We learned much that my forgetful mind can't remember at the moment, but here are a few fascinating facts that stuck with me...

* The family favorite of the birds on display (for rather obvious reasons :)) was the Harris Hawk.  They actually had several of these.  Not only did we like the common name, but I thought it was interesting that another name for these is the "Bay-Winged Hawk".  Bayley's double name-sake! :)   We thought it was cool that these hawks are known for hunting cooperatively and hanging out in "packs", where most birds of prey are quite solitary.  

* I, of course, loved the owls.  The Eurasian Eagle Owl was amazing.  They are around 2 feet tall, with a wingspan of 5-6 feet.  Such a majestic bird...check out those impressive claws below!...and yet I caught one showing such sweet affection for its mistress, nuzzling and nibbling on her chin.  

* One of the presenters shared a fact that was quite interesting, but now, of course, none of us can remember which bird it referred to...ugh!  But he explained that this particular bird (one of the hawks? Peregrine falcon?) will not eat unless it is at a certain weight.  If it is over that weight, it doesn't eat again until it is back at ideal weight.  Fascinating that not only does it not eat if it isn't at ideal weight, but that it *knows* when it is at ideal weight!  

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t marie said...

LOVE this post! The birds were stunning. I wish I could have been there.