I Heart Faces...Pets

I Heart Faces this week is all about "Pets", or as they add, "any animal, bird, or critter".  As I've said before, our backyard squirrels and birds have become more like pets than wildlife...I haven't seen squirrels this spoiled since the ones that used to eat pecans from Aunt Sis's pecan grove out of Papaw Brown's hand on his back patio. :)  They sit and wait for us to feed them, and if we come out without food in hand, they badger us until we go back and get some. :)  

This is Apollonia.  Usually Billy will hand the squirrels a piece of bread or a bun and they will grab it and run back up the tree a ways with it.  But today, Apollonia was literally eating out of Billy's hand.  She didn't take the bun from him, just nibbled while he patiently held it up where she could reach it. Spoiled little critter!  

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