Protecting Children, Part 3

Those who know me well at all know that two of my "soapbox issues" are child protection and the dangers of pornography.  A couple of friends posted the first link below on Facebook today.  I found the others while researching a bit.  We tend so much to think, regarding issues such as these, that "it won't happen to us"...or our kids, or in our family. It is precisely at that point...as I told my Sunday School girls yesterday...that we are in the most danger. No matter what it is...it *can* happen to us, and to our families. And we so need to get serious about protecting our children and our families from these and other similar dangers.   We need to be aware...particularly if our children have cell phones.   And we need to *act* to protect them...realizing that NO child with a camera phone is safe.  Pornography of any kind is dangerous. Child pornography is unspeakably so. And this puts it right smack dab in the hands of our children at anytime, anywhere.   

A Criminal Defense Attorney Speaks Out on Sexting

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Scribbit said...

Thank you for mentioning the post--I'm glad you found it helpful. I wish all parents felt as strongly about this dangerous issue.