"Can't Believe It's Been So Long!" Daybook :-)

Okay, don't anyone have a heart attack, or pass out, or anything like that, but I am actually posting today.  For the first time in....EEEEEEKKKK...a MONTH!!   And an original post, at that, which I've only done once in the past TWO months.  How in the world did THAT happen???  Well, let's see...during that time, we've done a wedding, had VBS, gone out of town, jumped into the youth department with both feet (four feet, actually, with Peter as a student and Mom as a teacher :)),  dealt with random health issues and a weird foot injury, and...and...and...you get the picture!  It's been a crazy summer.  Throw some almost-but-not-quite-totally-resolved computer issues into the mix, and blogging just hasn't happened, despite the fact that  it's been on *almost* every "To Do" list I've made lately!  (Fortunately, the self-proclaimed blog police-woman has also been otherwise occupied lately and hasn't had much time to harass me....HA!)  Hopefully this will be a turning point and I'll do better from here.  We'll see how that goes.  

Also, keep an eye peeled for a truck-load of book reviews in the near future.  I cannot believe how far behind I've gotten on these during all the craziness.  Some really great books, a not-so-great one or two, and a couple of just plain...interesting...ones. ;-)

FOR TODAY...August 2, 2010...(How in the world is it August already???)

Outside my window...Hot.  Muggy.  Hot.  Sunny.   The forecast keeps teasing us with rain that never quite gets here.  And did I mention that it is hot?  And no relief in sight...

I am thinking...about all that needs to be done today and this week.  Lots of catching up to do, lots of planning to be done, and then just plain buckling down and "getting it done".  Also trying to come up with a game plan to get this house a bit cooler...it's hot inside as well as out at the moment!

I am thankful for...God's protection from fire in the wee hours of the morning today!  Billy woke up hearing popping noises, and when he got up to investigate, discovered that the cord/plug/outlet to our trusty bedroom window AC were just about to ignite.  The plug is absolutely charred.  Although I really wish that it had made it a *few* more weeks...as it is our main nighttime source of cool air, I am *so* thankful for God's protection in waking Billy up, and in Billy's vigilance to get up and check things out!  Bayley had actually woken me up just a little bit before that and asked why the air didn't feel as cool as usual.  Still half asleep, I mumbled something about it being hotter than usual outside and the air having a hard time keeping up, and then promptly feel back to sleep. :-O  

From the learning rooms...Our "summer school" has been much more hit and miss this summer than I had planned, and now it is time to get in high gear and get this work done so that we'll be ready to move on in the fall!  We're also working on getting back into our routine after a crazy couple of months.   I am hoping this will be a calm, productive week!

From the kitchen...I have lots of good intentions this week, but our un-air-conditioned kitchen is too hot these days to spend any more time in than I have to!   Hoping to make some no-bake and crock pot snacks and desserts this week, and planning several salad-based meals to try to beat the heat.  We're using up leftovers today...yay!

I am creating...Bayley's birthday party invitations. :)  Or I will be, with her help, later today.  We're finalizing plans for her Mother/Daughter scrapbook crop birthday party, and then Emlyn and I have to nail down plans for *her* birthday.  August is a busy birthday month here!   (And as I type that, I realize something else I have to be thankful for today...that I am not dealing with this heat 8.5 months pregnant as I was 9 and 11 years ago this time! :))

I am going...as few places as possible this week!  Dropping off and picking up Peter from "Tuesdays at the White House" tomorrow night, church/choirs on Wednesday, an appointment Friday afternoon and a get-together Friday night are the only things on the calendar right now.  Hoping to keep errands and such to a minimum in this heat and try to get a LOT done at home this week!
I am reading...I am actually "between books" right now...an odd spot for me to be in. :)   Other than a book on women's health issues that I am reading a tidbit at a time, I haven't decided what to read next since finishing Evolving in Monkey Town this morning.  As I mentioned, I have quite a few book reviews to get done, so I hope to make a big dent this week in reviewing what I've already read, and re-organize my "to be read" stack as I decide what to read next. 

I am hoping...that maybe, just maybe, we'll get a little break in this heatwave, despite the weatherman's predictions to the contrary.  (One can always hope, right?? :))

I am hearing...fans whirring, children finishing up chores, Emlyn and Ammah Grace singing quietly as they work... ♥ 

Around the house...trying to restore some order after a busy weekend!

One of my favorite things...blogging. :)  Even though I haven't been able to blog much in the last couple of months, I've *thought* about blogging, and missed posting regularly!  I'm looking forward to keeping up better in the days to come, and hopefully posting a bunch of the posts that have been swirling around in my head during this time. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Getting back to basics with school, house, food prep, etc., the few scheduled events I mentioned earlier, and hopefully getting some planning done for the remainder of the summer and this fall.  

Picture thought I'm sharing...Sunset at Lake Catherine last time we were there...wish we were there now!!!

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t marie said...

Welcome back! I was hungry for a scrap or a snippet so thanks for the morsel... yum.

I'm glad to be back in the blogging world too. Unfortunately I think I lost most of my few readers during the long absence.

Jennifer said...

Your readers will be back...Creative Confetti is too much fun to miss!

Life at the Lake said...

Beautiful sunset picture! Glad to read your posts - might have to read Predator. Haven't read any T. Blackstock before. Hope you get some relief from the heat!! I was out and about in it today and was miserable.