Links Worth a Look...

1. Fascinating!  Live Barn Owl Nest Box Cam 

"Have any of the eggs hatched yet??"  This was the question of the evening last night at church.  I got a bit tickled...the hot topic of conversation among my friends last night was, of all things, a barn owl and her babies.  We've all been watching in fascination as Mama Owl waits for her owlets to arrive (and a bit of revulsion as she eats fluffy bunny rabbits and then regurgitates them...blech!)  I'm not sure who is more enthralled...the parents or the kids!

If you haven't seen Molly in her nest box yet, check it out here...but be forewarned...it's hard to tear yourself away!

2. A Bevy of Blogs... Top 100 Church Blogs

Many of these I've seen before, some I visit quite frequently, and quite a few I'm looking forward to checking out soon.  Interesting list!

3.  It would almost be funny, if it weren't so infuriating (and scary!)  Jack Cafferty on Obama

Conservative Republicans aren't the only ones unhappy with the current administration...

4. Beautiful, Challenging, Convicting... Scotty Smith's Heavenward

I ran across Scotty Smith's blog this past weekend, and Tim Challies linked to his new blog home today.  I loved Smith's Restoring Broken Things, co-written with Steven Curtis Chapman.  His blog is almost entirely Scripture-based prayers.  I wish I had an hour or two to sit and read them all.

5. And one more... Leeana Tankersley's Gypsy Ink blog

Leeana Tankersley is a fascinating new author whose blog I can't wait to delve into a bit more.  Check back here tomorrow for my review of her book Found Art...an amazing read! 


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