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FOR TODAY...February 22, 2010
Outside my window...  Sunny, cold, birds twittering in the trees.   I've been enjoying our birds (or, for a friend, "pretty birdies" :-D) the past few days especially.  We've had a beautiful dove, a huge robin, and our usual clan of gorgeous cardinals.  God's artwork amazes me!
I am remembering... the days when I could actually remember things!  It amazes me that only a few years ago, I considered my memory one of my strengths. :)   Not only can I no longer remember anything without a list...I have a hard time remembering things long enough to put them *on* a list, or to go back and *read* the list once I have written it!  I was laughing not long ago about the fact that many years ago, I had adopted my dad's "3 item limit" for going to the store without a grocery list.  He always said that he did fine if Mother sent him to the store for three items, but if the list increased to four, it *had* to be written down.   Out of habit, more than anything, I typically did the same...a quick run for 3 items or less didn't require a list, more than that and I wrote it down.  Now I can't go into the store for *ONE* item and guarantee I'll remember it. *rolling eyes* :)
I am thinking... that it is really time for a major book sort, and that I need to do a better job of cataloging our books.  I have looked high and low for a book that I am almost *sure* I picked up at a used book sale several years ago, but I can't find *anywhere*.  I am sure that just as soon as I order another (cheap, used :)) copy from Amazon, I will find this one.   Not sure exactly what happened to the days when I could tell you *exactly* what books I had and put my fingers on any one of them within minutes.  Apparently they went the way of my being able to remember "3 items" at the grocery store without a list. :)
I am thankful for...  God's continued protection over the past few weeks since our death threat came.  Things have been calm, although we are still vigilant and cautious.   I'm also thankful for those who are helping keep an eye on our house in case of any suspicious activity.  
Noticing that...  I'm enjoying the music of Jj Heller lately.  I don't know much about her...I suppose I should read up...but several of her songs I've heard lately have really resonated with me.   (Your Hands and The Choice You Made, in particular.) 
I am praying for... the right van to come along *soon*!  We are finally ready to buy as soon as we find the right used van in our price range.  Also for energy and a clear mind to begin making major progress on the house.  
From the learning rooms...   Hopefully just a good, solid, normal school week.  We need one of those every once in a while. :)
On my mind...  The relationship between the heart and behavior as we train our children...
"Behaviorism trains the heart wrongly.  The heart and behavior are so intertwined that whatever you use to constrain behavior trains the heart.  Manipulate behavior with guilt and you train your children to be guilt-based children.  Use shame and they become shame-based.  Use the fear of man and they learn to worry about what others will think.  Whatever constrains behavior trains behavior trains the heart.
"Behaviorism misses your child's real need.  His profound need is not correcting behavior that is bad; it is a heart that has strayed.  His behavior simply mirrors the ways he is loving himself more than God or others....if your focus is the heart and the heart's need for change, the only hope you can bring to your children is Christ's capacity to change us internally and empower us to live in ways that please and honor Him."  ~ Tedd Tripp

Pondering these words... "The question is not how much does the youth know when he has finished his education, but how much does he care?"  ~ Charlotte Mason
From the kitchen...  Thinking I need to make these cinnamon roll sugar cookies today.   Not only do they look absolutely delicious, but I feel almost obligated to make them after a friend printed it and mailed it to me. :)   There was something that made me laugh (on one of *those* Monday afternoons...) yesterday when the kids brought in the mail and it consisted of one plain envelope with just a printed recipe inside.  :D 
I am creating...  a new look for the blog.  The next few weeks will include some experimental, "in-between" changes as I try to get up to speed in learning how to use some "new-to-me" graphics programs.   Some of it will be *very* rough until I (hopefully!) get the hang of it. :)
I am reading...  Finally finishing Mary DeMuth's Thin Places.  I don't know when it has taken me so long to read a book I was so excited about reading.  It is every bit as wonderful as I anticipated it being, but I'm finding I need to spread out the reading a bit.  God's timing in sending this book along at just this time was, as always, perfect. 
I am hearing...  "Our God is In Control", by Steven Curtis Chapman, on my current WMP playlist.   Powerful words, especially knowing that it was written in the aftermath of the Chapmans losing their little Maria in a tragic accident.  Love the juxtaposition of "Our God is in Control" with "Holy, Holy, Holy" at the end.  That has been one of the great lessons God has taught me in the past year or two...that our response to situations that we don't understand or don't know how to handle should be to worship Him and focus on His holiness.  
Around the house...  Got registered yesterday for the Spring Growing Kids sale...which means it's time to be thinking toward the great spring clothing purge!   I really need to be making more progress in sorting and purging in general than I have managed in the past few weeks.  Must. Get. Busy! 
One of my favorite things...  hearing one of my children sincerely asking for forgiveness without prompting...what a blessing to see them responding to the Holy Spirit's conviction from their hearts.  
A few plans for the rest of the week:  A good solid week of work on school and the house, church/choirs Wednesday night, hopefully a play date with friends on Thursday (yay!!)

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