I ♥ Faces...Autumn Beauty

Billy and the kids indulged me this weekend with some "photo play" time at the National Historic Site downtown.   I was sad that I missed most of the gorgeous fall photo opportunities due to our spending all of October and part of November in chicken pox quarantine, but we did manage to capture just a bit of the beautiful fall this has been.

I was tickled to realize this morning that this week's I ♥ Faces theme is "Autumn Beauty. The criteria are that the photo contain a face, and some autumn color (of any kind, not necessarily foliage).

I'll share more of these in another post, but this one of the girls was one of my favorites that contained a bit of *real* autumn color. :)

To see more I Faces entries, or to participate, visit the I Faces blog.


Schwabs said...

So sweet! They all have the same smile!

justjaime31 said...

Followed your link from I heart faces

Great picture!!! Beautiful girls!!!

Martie said...

What precious girls! You are blessed.