Simple Woman's Daybook..Thanksgiving Week!

November 23, 2009

Outside my window... Sunshine!  I am loving the warmth of this fall so far.

I am thinking... about holiday plans and musical preparations!

I am thankful for... God's love, which never changes...no matter how much our circumstances do.

I am wearing... Gray fleece pullover, black pants, and fuzzy slippers :)

I am remembering... 5 years ago this time, when we were spending our last few precious weeks with my dad.  So many other things going on during that same time...the beginning of a 5-year-roller coaster!  A friend and I were reflecting last night on the *radical* changes so many of us have gone through during those years.  So thankful for the many reminders of God's love and faithfulness along with all the craziness, and for the things He has taught us about Himself through it all.

I am going... to try to keep the momentum going on projects around the house this week.  We got a lot accomplished last week, considering schedule and health issues, and it felt so good to make progress!   Looking forward to more progress this week (including creating a spot to put up the Christmas tree this weekend...:))

I am reading... finishing up The Year of Living Like Jesus, by Ed Dobson (I completely missed the review tour date on this, so I'm scrambling to get a review up in the next day or two...eek!), and Raising Children to Adore God, by Patrick Kavanaugh (I have been reading this on and off forever, and hope to post a bit about it one of these days.)  Also started, again, When All Hell Breaks Loose, You May Be Doing Something Right; Surprising Insights from the Book of Job, by Steve Lawson.  I've read bits and pieces of this at various times in the last couple of years, but am reading cover to cover this time. :)

I am hoping... for nice weather this week, particularly on Thursday.

On my mind... So many friends going through major "storms of life" right now, and friends dealing with various  grief issues this time of year.  Trying to remember always to turn my worry and hurt for them into prayers...I seem to constantly need to re-learn that lesson!

From the learning rooms... Prepping for our Advent Study so that we can start *on time*. :)  Focus on "Gratefulness" this week.

Noticing that... I'm being reminded more and more often these days of my age...former classmates becoming grandparents, being reminded during a church announcement that I no longer am a "mother of small children", and my 41st birthday rapidly approaching.  Not sure why these things are affecting me so much these days, as I have never seen myself as being particularly sensitive or worried about my own aging.  Hmm.

Pondering these words... "Heaven is often silent.  In such times [of suffering], the only answer God gives is a deeper revelation of Himself.  We learn that He is the answer we seek.  Ultimately, we must not trust a plan, but a Person.  In the face of chaos and confusion, we trust a personal God who is sovereign, wise, and good.  In these times, God invites us to learn who He is.  Only in knowing Him do we find the adequate resources to endure and conquer." ~ R.C. Sproul, in the forward to Steven Lawson's When All Hell Breaks Loose.

From the kitchen... Leftovers of Billy's yummy Alfredo Bacon Meatball pizza for lunch today. :)  Need to find my MIL's Pumpkin Bar recipe to make later in the week.  Looking forward to a big pot of chili tomorrow.  Planning to try a couple of new breakfast recipes this week...I'll post afterward if we like them. :)

Around the house... Trying hard to focus on the progress and not how much more needs to be done!  And to "keep on keeping on" with it.

One of my favorite things~ "Anonymous" notes from my Emlyn left on my desk with her sweet little drawings. :)

From my picture journal... 

For the first time since we've had this china cabinet, it actually has china in it (instead of books :)).  Yet another instance of Billy being right (he usually is! :)), and we are all enjoying the change so much.  (Hopefully I'll post the rest of that story soon.)

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