Those girls!!

Earlier this week I challenged myself to post every day this week.  Wednesday is always our busiest day of the week, but today was moreso than usual, so I almost forgot.  I was about to shut things down and go to bed when I realized..."Ack!! The blog!"  No time (or brainpower) for anything major (and if you have any doubt  about the brainpower thing...I messaged a friend earlier with a list of items, and realized that I had two number "1's" on the list!  Eek.)

So, I'll quickly share a couple of "funny girl" stories with you.  

First, we were on the way home from church tonight, when five-year-old Ammah Grace said, "Mom, I wish *I* was 45 and *you* were three. Then I could boss *you* around!" 

Never mind the fact that I'm not 45 and she's not three....

That reminded me of a conversation with Bayley last week.

Mom to Bay:  "Bayley, *you* are just too funny."

Bay to Mom:  "Well, Mom, I was raised in a funny family."

I hardly think, at the ripe old age of 9, her "raising" needs to be referred to in the past tense.  

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