Saturday Night Snippets

*  Resolved 2 Worship is a recent blog find I'm really enjoying.  She is a wonder at frugal decorating, her photography is exquisite, and her posts are filled with encouragement.  This post was an especially timely and encouraging reminder today.  What a comfort to be reminded that "God is *not* unobservant".  

*  Emlyn and I had a wonderful "Mommy/Daughter date" last night.  We ate Em's favorite...Chinese...and then went to get haircuts.  We finished out the evening grocery shopping at Sam's. :-)  But before we left the mall, we did photo booth pictures with our new haircuts.   I am *not* a great photo booth fan, but Em was *so* excited and I couldn't say no. :)   Apparently, we've started a tradition, because the other kids are all anxiously awaiting their turns to go have their pictures made in the photo booth on *their* dates with mom. ;-)

*Billy was off Thursday (because he had to work today :-( ), so he and the kids decided to surprise me with an early Mother's Day outing.  What a fun time we had!  The kids had told Billy about some shoes I had looked at (apparently a bit longingly ;-)) at Sam's, so they took me to get shoes and then we had lunch at the "Sam's Cafe" as Peter calls it.   It's their new favorite place to eat!  Given our new focus on frugality, it can't be beat...huge pieces of pizza  and yummy hot dogs (which is saying a lot from this non-hot dog-lover ;-)), and soda's at Happy Hour prices. :)   It was the perfect fun and relaxing Mother's Day celebration!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day and day of worship tomorrow!

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