Thankful Thursday

I didn't get to post my Thankful Thursday at all last week, and I almost missed it this week again. But I'm determined...:-)

My plan this morning was to post this week about how thankful I am for my husband. I'm always thankful for him, but I don't say it nearly enough. So tonight as I type this, he is doing the dishes for me, after teaching a beginning drawing class (for 17 kids!) at co-op this afternoon. Isn't he wonderful?

I'm completely exhausted right now (which is why my sweet husband is doing the dishes), so I don't know that I can even type all I want to...but I am so thankful for the wonderful husband God has given me. I am thankful for his commitment to being a Godly husband, father, and employee. I am thankful for his love for his children and his desire to be involved with them in any way he can. I am thankful for his love and support for me. I am thankful for all the ways that he spoils all of us. I am thankful for the way that he works hard at work and at home. Earlier this week he received the 4th card in a matter of months from one of his superiors at work, praising him for the excellent feedback he receives from patients and co-workers. I'm thankful that he is known for his hard work and care for others.

I am very blessed.

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jennifer said...

Yes, I agree you are very blessed.

Marriage is an incredible blessing isn't it?

eph2810 said...

I think that we do not tell our husbands enough how blessed we are -- I know it is true for me. I think it is so sweet that you are dedicating this post to him.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and yours this up-coming week and always.