Saturday Morning Smiles :-)

Thought I'd share some things that have made me smile this morning...

Flowers from my 9 year old...the first photo is th
e flowers he brought me the other day when he surprised me with the *vase* :-) I realized this morning I hadn't taken a picture of them, so when he saw me taking pictures, he said, "Oh! I need to go get you some more flowers!" So...the second pic is of this morning's fresh flowers. Isn't he sweet??

He's had a good example in his daddy...Billy brought me a surprise this morning, too:

A 44 oz. *real* fountain Diet Coke (I drink Sam's Choice brand at home) with lots of ice from the convenience store a few blocks away. (They have them for 79 cents, which isn't bad for something he knows will make me :-):-) :-) !)

And then Ammah Grace...she didn't just make me *smile*, she made me *laugh* (as usual!) What a character...

Do you see the look on her face? Here is the story behind it:

She came in the kitchen this morning going "ssssss....ssssssss....sssss" and I heard something about "here, buddy, here you go". Then she said, "See my snake, Mommy?" I looked down and she had one of Bubby's lizards, riding in a wooden boat. :-D She continued making hissing sounds as she showed me her *snake*. I said, "It's not a snake, honey, it's a lizard." "No, it's a snake....see? SSssssssss"

I said, "No, Gracie, snakes don't have legs...that is a lizard. Bubby has a whole package of them." (Oh...guess I should have mentioned earlier...this was a *fake* lizard...otherwise, I wouldn't have been having this conversation at all! ;-)) She again insisted..."No, Mama, my snake...see? SSSSSSSsssssssss"

(For those who don't *know* Ammah Grace...take the most stubborn child you've ever known, multiply it by 10, and you *might* have Gracie. She's been that way since my water broke when I was 30 weeks pregnant with her, and she shows no sign of changing any time soon.)

Finally, on about the 8th round of "it's a *snake*!", I said, "Gracie, look. Snakes don't have legs...see these legs? It has to be a lizard because it has legs."

"Oh....................See my lizard, Mommy? Hi, Lizard!"


Then I decided I wanted to take her picture with the lizard, because she was so funny with it...the above picture is what I ended up with. *rolling eyes* (She is sitting on the lizard because "it doesn't want it's picture taken". :-D)

A little while later, I was fixing breakfast (brunch, actually, since it was almost lunch time by then :)), and she came in and looked at the bowl of scrambled eggs on the table and said, "Yumm! Chicken!" Ummm...apparently the big kids' Nutrition study the other day about where certain foods come from confused her a bit. :-D "No, Gracie, not chicken, eggs. Eggs *come* from a chicken...but those are eggs."

Now...I'm off to do the *Saturday Morning Big Breakfast* dishes. No picture there...they *don't* make me smile. ;-)


chickadee said...

those were such sweet things. love the flowers and sweet note.

Jana said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it! I'm always glad when I hear someone benefited from a post!

Have a fantastic week!

HsKubes said...

What a character you have there. She sounds a lot like my Carolynne (our youngest). And what thoughtful men you have in your life. ;o)

I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my "Are We Raising Daniels?" post. It was a blessing to know the Lord used it. I don't mind, at all, if you link to it. Thank you for asking. And thank you, again, for visiting.

~ Christina

Joyful Days said...

Hadn't seen a post from you for a while and was checking in on you. Hope all is well.

With prayers,