Show and Tell Friday--"Shark Week"

The pictures aren't the greatest, but I have to share what our crazy, creative kids did yesterday (well, the big kids...Gracie napped through most of it.:))

The other day, Billy discovered that Netflix carries the Discovery Channel "Shark Week" DVDs. Billy *loves* Shark Week. And, as he says, it is a tradition. When Bay and Em were born (both in the middle of August), Shark Week was on, and Billy took advantage of the hospital cable to enjoy it (we haven't had TV reception, much less cable, in years.)

Billy had had a rough week at work and was really looking forward to Shark Week's anticipated arrival Thursday. (It was sent from a different shipping facility, so it took longer to get here than usual.) Billy had told the kids he would bring home popcorn and we would all watch Shark Week after supper. (I had my stack of books and paperwork ready...I can't watch a *normal* movie without something else to do, much less gory shark stuff. blech.) I was so glad when the disc arrived Thursday...Billy deserved a chance to just *veg* for a while. He hasn't gotten to do that much this summer, between work, keeping up two yards due to my mom's broken arm, and getting up in the night with the new puppy (oh, the joys of dog ownership!)

But alas. No shark week. When Billy got home and opened the disc, it was cracked. All the way through. It was apparent that someone had tried to fix it...there was some sort of adhesive over the crack...so it wasn't damaged in the mail. We waited forever for a *broken disc*. ARrggghhh.

We did a damaged disc report and Netflix is sending a new disc asap...but that didn't help the disappointment last night. I called every movie place in town on the off chance that *someone* had the Shark Week discs to rent. No such luck. Billy kept saying "it's no big deal, we'll just wait for the next one"...but I knew he was really disappointed.

Our sensitive kids apparently realized that, too. Sometime while I was calling movie places, they disappeared into the bedroom. Occasionally one of them would make a foray into the dining room or kitchen for some sort of *supplies*...and I knew something was up. When Bayley came in a started rearranging the living room, even Billy knew something was up.

Sure enough, after 45 minutes of *preparing*, in came the three big kids, costumes and props in tow. It took about 60 seconds to realize what they were doing...they had made up their own "Shark Week" program to present to Dad.

Within minutes, we were all in stitches. By the time I got the camera out, they were all pretty goofy, so I didn't get a *good* picture (wish I'd gotten a good one of the hats they made...they were great!) Emlyn's had made a little mouse that stuck out of the top of her hat...I thought it was adorable and she let me keep it after the show was over. :-D

They even made popcorn and served Billy and I popcorn with water (for Dad) and Diet Coke(for me) on a serving tray. They accomplished their goal of making Dad feel better...and their sensitivity and creativity made their mommy pretty proud in the process!

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ETA: I managed to get a couple more pictures this morning. Bayley made this pig hat, which isn't nearly as funny without *sound*. The sides and back said, "7...snort, snort...7" (I guess the 7 is for her age), and she had drawn pig snouts on the back. She kept running around with it saying, "This is my pig's motto..."7...snort, snort...7!" and then erupting in laughter. Then *we* would erupt in laughter. Not sure what the pig and the mouse actually had to do with *Sharks*...but they were sure cute!


Patty said...

What special children to do that ! Your post is all about the best kind of show and tell, love, family and so much more than possessions.

jennifer said...

Nothing compares to the ingenuity of children!!!

The real shark week will be enjoyed, then filed away, but this shark week will be cherished forever!!
Thank you for sharing!

Linda aka yellowroseli said...

What great kids. They made a memory that hopefully they will remember for a longtime to come.

PEA said...

Now that's what I call smart kids:-) I think it's wonderful what they did for their dad and I can just imagine how delightful it was!! xo

Penless Thoughts said...

How sweet, loving and creative.

Michelle said...

That's such a neat story. You've got some terrific kids!

sheryl said...

What sweeties you have...and so creative too!
Obviously, they have selfless parents teaching them well!

Sharon said...

Children are so sensitive and creative. What a wonderful evening you had!

Barbara H. said...

What creativity and imagination! Not to mention how special it is that they wanted to do something so special to cheer up their dad.

Lori said...

Sounds like a fun evening. What a neat post.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to come back anytime.

Jennefer said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. How incredibly thoughtful, kind and precious children you have been blessed with. The saying is true, "Children live what they learn." I am sure you and your husband have modeled this kind of thoughtfulness and sensitivity to them as well. That encourages me to keep on keepin' on!

Prov. 27:17 - Thanks for sharpening me today!

Training Hearts said...

Ahh...sorry to hear of the damaged DVD. I think you all made up for it though :)

Thank you for visiting my blog :)