In the Desert Place...

"Blessed Be Your name
When I’m found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name…”
~ Matt Redman

I blogged a few weeks ago about the song Blessed Be Your Name and how God has been using it in my life. As I have been reflecting on the portion of those lyrics that Iris chose for In Other Words today, I thought about the fact that it feels as if we have been wandering in the wilderness or desert forever...and there is still nothing but sand in sight. I began to think about what the Bible says about desert times and wilderness times, and I had these random thoughts:

1. God's people were still His people...even when they were in the desert.

2. God always provided for His people...even in the desert. (Deut. 8:16; Deut. 2:7; Deut. 29:2)

3. God's presence was real and visible to His people...in the midst of the desert. (Neh. 9:19)

4. God sometimes led His people from one desert into another one...and sometimes they were there for a long time. (Numbers 33)

5. God had a purpose for the desert time. (Deut. 8:2)

6. God led His people every step of the way...even in the desert. (Deut. 1:33)

7. No matter how much God did for His people in the desert, they continued to turn away and rebel...and although they were disciplined, and felt His wrath, He always forgave. (Psalm 78)

8. God makes a way in the desert and brings glory to Himself through it. (Isa. 35:1; Isa. 43:19)

I started these thoughts hours ago. As I've gone about daily tasks and dealt with interruptions in between, this has unfolded to be a day full of reminders that we are, still, deep in the midst of our wilderness. Discouragement has threatened to overwhelm. I am so thankful that God, once again, has provided...even through leading Iris days ago to select those words for us to focus on this week. How I needed to be reminded once again that God is working, even in and through the desert time, and that when I don't feel like it, when I am tempted to slide into the pit of discouragement, I can instead say, "Blessed Be Your Name."

"The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the Name of the LORD." (Job 1:21)


Angie said...

That pit of discouragement that you spoke of is sometimes easy to fall into....but His grace is sufficient and can pull us out....Thanks be to the Lord Jesus!
Your post was a blessing to me...I am encouraged by your words. Some of those verses I was looking at last night when I was looking for wilderness and desert on the online Bible.
Thanks for sharing your heart :)

ellen b said...

Praying for you in your wilderness journey. May God lift you up and as you walk through may you see the light of his face shining on you...

Tara Sloan said...

Be encouraged! He didn't bring you this far to leave you! You have encouraged me by your honesty!

eph2810 said...

Oh, Jennifer - I know how you feel - really I do. Although I do not know your exact spot in the wilderness - I have been there...many times.

I'll be praying for you, my dear friend.

Thank you so much for sharing your heart and thoughts on this week's IOW quote.

Blessings to you and yours....

Tami Boesiger said...

This is a great list of reminders. Thank you!