Simple Things Sunday

After a crazy week of everyone going in different directions, it was wonderful to have a weekend full of simple family fun.  I've been wanting to link up with Simple Things Sunday for a while now, and finally remembered! (And thought this was a great week to do so, since I savored every simple moment. *insert big mushy heart here*)

Daddy's Little Helper Loves Daddy's Big Tools!

Em and AG hanging out "surrounded by taxidermy", as Emlyn said, at the Tackle Box. :)

Em's Cool New Shoes...LOVE 50% Off Clearance Sales at Academy!

All Em Wants For Christmas...Light Up Eiffel Tower. :)

Odd Beauty in the Parking Lot
Not a particularly flattering shot of me...I'd been up since 4 a.m. and had very little sleep for 3 days...but I'm trying to do better about getting an occasional "mom shot" (and besides, my daughter begged! :))

She also begged for this one...aren't we lovely? :)

Had a late lunch date here with Billy this week...so funny, because we used to eat there fairly often in our dating/early married years when it was 3-Pete's, but hadn't been there in a LONG time.  Now it's La Huerta, with new colors and decor, but still very much the same architectural feel as 3-Pete's. 

One of my favorite "simple things"...sitting in the back yard with Billy...talking, reading, taking pictures of the birds and squirrels...today we had a little visitor. :)

Love This Crazy Bunch!!

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