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I have a long, ever-growing list of blog posts waiting to be published.  This is actually yesterday's post.  I'm determined, barring emergency (or just a crazy, chaotic day like yesterday!) to post today's post later today as well...a very special focused on Glory post.  We'll see how that goes. :)

FOR TODAY ~ 09 October 2012

Outside my window...Beautiful fallish day...65 headed to 72.  I could take a month or two of this! :)

I am thinking...that sometimes the hardest days are not the ones filled with tragedy, but the normal, mundane, plodding along days...the days when children bicker and the to do list never gets made, much less done, and great dreams and plans disintegrate into too many interruptions and not enough discipline, and we start out feeling like we can handle it all...because after all, it's just a normal day...until suddenly we are hearing "failure" echoing through our minds and hearts and then, if we pay attention, we realize that we can't handle *any* of it...which on the days filled with tragedy, we tend to realize, but on the mundane, plodding days it's easy to forget...

I am thankful...for an incredibly wonderful weekend, full of worship, fellowship, and refreshment.  Two Guy Penrod concerts in two days, a road trip with the Road Trip Adventure Queen, and another wonderful Sunday at our sweet little church...basking in God's blessings, even as we've settled into the mundane chaos of the work/school week. 

In the kitchen...A little baking today...cornbread for supper tonight and chocolate chip cookies for dessert (because I haven't made any in 5 days...we're in cookie withdrawal around here. :))

I am wearing...mismatched sweats...ACK...keepin' it real, I guess.  Still catching up on laundry, and I need to finish digging out the cold-weather clothes asap! (Although it's supposed to be back in the low 80s here soon...nothing like the weather in Arkansas to keep one hopping!)

I am creating...Hmm...my first thought was "not much", and then I realized that I'm actually creating quite a lot at the moment...Bible Study material for our new youth Bible Study time at church, a little surprise for someone later this week, photo edits of this weekend's concert(s) to share, a new prayer journal, and hopefully some freshly cleaned, organized, and painted spots in the house later this week!

I am going...to be HOME all day today.  Yay! :)

I am wondering...what is up with my Kindle.  And my Kindle App for Android.  Weird stuff with downloading and archived books.  Guess I need to add "figure out what's up with Kindle" to the list. :)

I am reading...I'm on the launch teams for two great books right now, Mary DeMuth's Everything, and Kim DeBlecourt's Until We All Come Home.  I'm somewhat immersed in both, working on launch team projects and trying to get reviews finished.  Other than that, I'm reading some interesting online articles on small churches, writing/blogging, preparing our kids to stand strong as teens and young adults, and bulk cooking/menu planning. 

I am hoping...to knock a big chunk of my list out today, after a less-than-optimally-productive day yesterday. :)

I am looking forward to...teaching youth again...starting twice a month youth Bible Study on Sunday nights this coming Sunday! (Local folks...message me for details...everyone is invited!)

I am pondering...Bro. Gary said Sunday night, "The character of our redemption should cause reverence."  He added that we need to stop and examine ourselves and remind ourselves of what God has done for us.  We are bought with a price, and that should affect our behavior, our attitudes...everything about our lives.  I have a story to go along with that...but that will be another blog post. :)

A favorite quote for today...Wow.  So many good quotes from Guy Penrod this weekend...which will have their own blog post later...and more good ones from our pastor Sunday...which will also make it onto the blog soon, I hope.  It's hard to narrow down to just one here...but I suppose I must. :)

It's people...just people...not programs.  Programs are only to facilitate helping people.  At the moment that the programs take precedence, they should go away. ~ Guy Penrod

One of my favorite things...listening to a child who's struggled deeply lately share heart-thoughts that reveal God's work producing steady, solid growth...grateful for His grace and mercy!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  normal routine (I hope!) the rest of the week, other than possibly working for my mom a few hours while she's out of town. 

A peek into my day... (Well, this is my day only because I so badly need to get the rest of these from the weekend edited and posted! :)  The girls with Guy Penrod at Saturday night's concert...

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