focused on Glory...Birds in the Snow

I have been SO incredibly thankful for the very mild winter we've had this year.  After the extreme, record-breaking winter weather we had last year, it's been a welcome change.  The combination of our old, drafty house and health issues that have brought with them a very low tolerance for cold temperatures have definitely tempered my lifelong love of winter.  

After many more mild, sunny winter days than usual this year, we finally had a bit of snow yesterday.  And it was truly only a bit...maybe an inch...but it was incredibly beautiful while it lasted.  And it was even more beautiful decorated with our many backyard birds.  Billy said the cardinals looked like Christmas ornaments...and they did. :) 

I posted Psalm 148 in yesterday's Daybook post.  I'm really enjoying meditating on it this week.  What an amazing picture of God's glory...that all Creation truly praises the Creator.  I wish I had audio of our birds singing in the snow...they certainly sounded like they might be singing praise to God. :)  (And if you haven't watched the Louie Giglio video I posted yesterday, be SURE to go back and watch it.  The whole thing is excellent, but if you are short on time, just be sure to see the last six minutes or so.  One of the most amazing things I've seen in a while.) 

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t marie said...

What a sweet post. I agree with Billy, they do look like ornaments. And you are right, people need to watch the video below. I'm a Louie Giglio fan.