Sunday Song ~ God and God Alone

Funny the way my mind works...or doesn't work, as the case may be...sometimes. :)  This morning John sang this song in church in place of our usual choir special, as Lyndel is on vacation.  As I sat and listened to the words, I thought, "I should do a blog post on that song."  Then later today, I was reviewing past blog posts in preparation for an upcoming project when I discovered that I actually did blog on that song earlier this year. :)  I didn't say much about it then, and don't think it needs many now...but I thought I would repost it here with (with some new pictures :)).   The words are so powerful...

God and God Alone
Steve Green

God and God alone,
created all these things we call our own;
from the mighty to the small,
the glory in them all
is God's and God's alone.

God and God alone
reveals the truth of all we call unknown.
And the best and worst of man,
won't change the Master's plan,
it's God's and God's alone.

God and God alone
is here to take the universe's throne.
Let everything that lives,
reserve its truest praise
for God and God alone.

God and God alone
will be the joy of our eternal home.
He will be our one desire,
our hearts will never tire,
of God and God alone.

(See video here.)

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