Wedding Chatter...

I very rarely (thank goodness!) set the alarm for a time earlier than 5:00 a.m.  And I almost never (in fact, I'm having trouble coming up with a time in recent history) get my children up before 5:00.  However, this morning I propped my eyes open with toothpicks and crept in to wake Emlyn and Ammah Grace up to watch the Royal Wedding.  Bayley insisted that she couldn't watch, because she is supposed to watch it on video with Kaitlyn tonight, "and I can't watch it without her!"  And Peter was totally uninterested in the whole event.  Emlyn and AG, however, have been completely captivated by the whole thing, and extracted a solemn promise from me last night to "wake us up in time, Mama!!"   And so, I did.  

We had some very good Mama-Daughter bonding time as we critiqued hats, enjoyed the incredible beauty of the historic architecture, and did some serious online people watching.  We also got in a history lesson or two...who says you can't have school at 5 a.m.??? :)  Mostly, we just had fun.  

Our early morning time together yielded some amusing comments by my two youngest daughters.  Some had to do with the wedding; others were of a more random nature.  Here's a sampling:

We were discussing the age of Westminster Abbey.  One of the girls asked if it was older than Abraham Lincoln.  When I replied that it was, they then asked "What about George Washington?"  I said, "Yes, him, too."  Emlyn thought for a minute and then said, "I wish George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were still president."  Ammah Grace responded, "Yeah, they were good guys," just as Emlyn continued with "Or at least the Vice President."  I'm not sure what tickled me most...the thought of Presidents Washington and Lincoln being called "good guys", or the idea of either of these great men serving as the Vice President under any of today's politicians.  :)

I had followed a trail of links to this page about Royal Wedding dresses, and we were reading about the details.  As I read about Camilla's headdress, which was made from "gold leafed feathers that were tipped with Swarovski diamonds,"  one of the girls said, "It sounds like it should be pretty, but when you look at it, it isn't."   Definitely. :)

After the ceremony was over, the girls went back to get a bit more rest before starting chores.  Emlyn wandered back in a bit later and said, in a most pitiful voice, "I'm doomed!"  I asked why, and she started talking about the children's musical, which is scheduled for Sunday night, and in which she has a speaking part and a short solo.  I said, "You did perfectly last night...you'll do great!  Why are you doomed??"  Her reply:  "Whenever I have a solo in front of a few people, I have butterflies, but when I have a solo in front of all those big grown-up people, I have bats!!"   Well...there you have it. :)


Marsha Young said...

I just love these unscripted comments from innocent girls!

Thanks for sharing. We watched it, too, and those hats ... well, someone was surely in the joke, but no one clued me in. :)

Blessing to you - Marsha

Kecia said...

Those are great quotes. And could you believe those hats??!