Back-Seat Snippets

Eeeeekkk.  I just realized that it has been 23 days since I last blogged.  I think that may be a record, even for me. :)  It's been a bit of a busy month, with wedding prep & the wedding, VBS prep, teaching a new Sunday School class, Peter starting youth activities, and then VBS this week.

I'm way overdue on some book reviews...I don't even want to think about how many!...and I have a list of blog posts half a mile long for "someday"....but for tonight, just a few quick "back seat snippets" until I can get back into the groove again. :)

It's always interesting to me how much the dynamics of things change when the two "big kids" are gone, and it's just the younger girls and mom.  Tonight was one of those nights...Dad, Peter, and Bayley went to help some friends paint, and the little girls and I had to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to pick up VBS pictures for tomorrow.

All of my children are...hmm, what word shall I use?...rather talkative.   Ammah Grace is not so talkative in a group, but get her one on one and she can talk non-stop for hours. (Trust me, I know from experience.  Hours.  Literally.)  Emlyn is the quietest of all our children...but while she seems quiet compared to her two older siblings, had she been a firstborn or only child I think she would definitely have been considered a talker. :)

So...it is always fun (and sometimes just plain sweet) to hear the conversations that occur when the more "aggressive" talkers are away.  Here are a few snippets from tonight...


Emlyn:  Mom, I love Peter and Bayley and all, but it would be a lot of fun if it was just Gracie and me.  We wouldn't ever fight or argue if Bayley and Peter were gone. 

Mom: Oh, really?

Emlyn:  Well, once a week.   That's all.  Once a week. See?  That would be MUCH better!


It looked like it was about to rain when we left, and we had seen a bit of lightning.   Ammah Grace was very afraid of being "struck".  Emlyn was trying to make her feel better...

"It's okay, Gracie...the worst thing that can happen if the lightning gets us is that we would die.  And if we are Christians and we die, we'll go to Heaven.  And Heaven is wonderful!  Besides, Mrs. Lucy is there, and Aaron, and Great-Papa, and Papaw.  So, see?  There's no reason to be afraid of the lightning!"

( I was glad I was in the front and they were in the back and it was beginning to get dark...that one made me teary.)


Ugh!  There was a third conversation...a really funny one...that I had planned to post...and I can't remember what it was!!  Maybe tomorrow.  How frustrating.  *Sigh*

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Kecia said...

Aren't kids great? And I'm so glad I"m not the only one who plans to post things and then can't remember what they are!